What’s the difference between Google & Baidu?

Like many Western internet services, Google services have been blocked in China for some time. Hence, Baidu advertising is a great tool for companies who are interested in expanding into China.

Unfortunately, Google services are unavailable in China. But Baidu advertising, although not comparable to the sophistication of a product like Google AdWords, is easily the best alternative in China. The Chinese search engine is utilised by over 90% of internet users in China, which equates to around 700 million users, and with the reach of Baidu ads, the potential marketplace for new business is enormous. Baidu has, on average (depending on keywords and industry), cheaper CPC than Google for similar search terms, which makes Baidu ads a must when planning your China marketing strategy. Furthermore, Baidu’s success is expected to carry internationally where there are no internet restrictions, and Chinese users who live overseas or are travelling overseas will expect to use Baidu as their primary search engine.

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