What should I do to target Chinese customers?

In the process of looking for target customers, the preliminary preparation must not be overlooked, and your marketing strategy will be more effective as a result. Knowing your business and knowing your market is the best place to start.

First you will need to do buyer persona research (in China, in Chinese) into the following: what needs of users are solved by your products or services, the frequency of demand generation, general situation of competitive products in the industry, market share, user pain points in the industry, specific process of consumers using products, decision chain in the industry, advantages and disadvantages of their own products, and main USP of your product or service. You can use SWOT, 4C or 4P and other marketing methods to help you sort out the market research stage but doing this properly is imperative for finding success in the Chinese market.


Choosing the right advertising channel is particularly important in China. You may even need to utilise more than one for different reasons: one for generating awareness in the larger marketplace and another for specifically targeting certain users.


It is essential that users can find your products through an online search and contact you if they have needs later. Therefore, to ensure that your products and content can be found online you will need to be on Baidu, 360, and Sogou at a minimum. It is worth noting that if you are not sure of your user source channel, it is better not to blindly place advertisements. This is because of the high cost, and secondly because multi-channel delivery may interfere with your analysis of the conversion rate for each channel.


To find out more about the process of looking for target customers, please speak to one of our experts.