What are the best CRMs to use in China?

There are many options for using a CRM in China, and choosing the perfect CRM will depend a lot on the capabilities and requirements of your team.

Like the rest of the world, there are many options for using CRMs in China. Unfortunately, many Western CRMs will have connectivity or language issues as they are not hosted in China or do not support the Mandarin language. If you have an existing CRM that you are using for your international team, it will be important to find something that can integrate well with what you already have. Systems like JING Digital are great for standalone China sales teams or China teams looking to integrate with WeChat, Salesforce or HubSpot. Other platforms like Big Cat (大猫) and KingDee offer fairly comprehensive China-based CRM systems but lack WeChat integration, and the functionality is a little behind that of their Western-counterparts.


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