How to use WeChat for marketing in China

Businesses should be using a WeChat public account (subscription number or service number) to keep in touch with customers, engage leads and publish news content.

WeChat is a ‘super app’ that has evolved from instant messaging into a must-have tool for all everyday services, including payments, travel, shopping, renting accommodation, registering for medical treatment, and even paying your household utilities on WeChat (think Facebook, your bank account and WhatsApp combined). Almost every Chinese person has WeChat and it’s nearly impossible to function in China now without it.


There are several different types of accounts on WeChat. General personal accounts are provided for daily personal communication. Enterprises can choose a WeChat public account (subscription number or service number) to keep in touch with customers and publish any news content. Because of the convenience of communication provided by WeChat, many Chinese companies do not even operate traditional official websites but concentrate on constantly updating their official WeChat accounts.

In recent years, Tencent has also launched WeChat ads that allow companies to market through banners, KOLs and moments of friends. However, Wechat’s circle of friends advertising is still the most effective (though also the most expensive) method of marketing.


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