How do you register a Baidu account without a Chinese business license?

If you do not have a China business license, but want to open a Baidu account overseas, you can do so in Hong Kong. Here are the steps for registering an overseas Baidu account.

  1. Provide Baidu with your company name and website URL for an initial check to see if there are any restrictions placed on your particular industry or product. Occasionally, they may also require your company business license. This process usually takes 1 working day.
  2. Submit digital copies of all the required documents to Baidu's Hong Kong (HK) representative office. It usually takes 7–10 business days to receive official approval upon submission. 
  3. (In an agency situation) After the documents have been reviewed and approved, the agency you selected to manage your Baidu account will need to sign a contract with Baidu's HK representative office for final approval. As Baidu only requires a digital of the contract, this step is usually completed in one business day. 
  4. When you receive final approval, you will need to transfer the initial deposit (a minimum of¥40,000 yuan, which includes account balance top-up and the annual fee) from your company account, and provide the transaction slip to Baidu. The processing time of this step is dependent on your bank of choice. 
  5. Upon receiving the full amount, Baidu will activate your account and you can start running your Baidu ads!

For information on opening a Baidu account with a China business license, please refer to this article.

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