How can I connect my CRM to WeChat in China?

WeChat is still very much a crucial part of everyday life in China – so being able to integrate your sales and marketing teams into the platform is integral to success.

There are very few platforms that can actually integrate successfully with WeChat. WeChat, by nature, is a completely ‘walled garden’ and they do not allow data (especially contact properties) to be taken outside of the system, unlike many Western social and advertising platforms. To compensate for this there are a few Chinese platforms which sit ‘on top’ of WeChat and use WeChat integrated forms, chatbots and landing pages to collect data on a lead and build a digital persona of that contact outside of WeChat where it can be saved and tracked. One of the best systems for doing this at the moment is a platform called JING Digital, which even boasts API integrations with CRMs such as Salesforce and Marketo.


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