Should I pay to increase my follower counts and engagement on social media?

Seems like every business out there is paying to increase their social media presence. Whether it be increasing follower count, engagements or likes – but is it really worth it?

You’ve probably heard the term ‘pay-to-play’ before. It’s not an uncommon strategy adopted by most businesses. And although paying for your followers and engagement may seem like a good idea short-term, you really need to think about the value of those paid mediums for the future. 


When you buy those sorts of engagements, you’re only paying for a one-off number. Your new following will not engage with your other posts, content or links. They won’t reshare or tell a friend, which can be a valuable source of new business. Essentially, more often than not, you’ve paid for bots to boost your stats for a while (which social media companies are cracking down on!). 


It’s not all doom-and-gloom though. One way you could pay to increase these stats indirectly would be to simply pay for reach. Get your ads in front of the right (real) audience, the ones who will actually click on your ad, visit a website and potentially follow you for more information! 


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